We manufacturer of the butterfly valve class 600 are based in the USA, instrumental in introducing cutting edge solution associated with the flow control of the media, air and gas. The introduced range of the butterfly valves is the one that is highly popular in the market for delivering high performance experience spanning the life.

We have established a strong niche in the USA and other countries for the farthest quality of the butterfly valve we provide, among butterfly valve class 600 is one of them. This is a wafer type butterfly valve, specifically designed in accordance with the set quality standards in order to deliver the best alternative to that of the ball valve to efficiently control the flow of the respective media. The provided butterfly valve is an incorporation of wafer disc, stem, seat and ANSI class 600 flanges, wherein the ANSI class 600 denotes the characteristics of the employed flanges made of the proven quality stainless steel material and meets all the essential ANSI standards.

The scrupulous integration of the butterfly valve class 600 is being notable type in the USA and other countries for delivering high performance experience in terms of tight shutoff, excellent flow control and longer shelf life. The stunning range of the ANSI class 600 butterfly valves is a conclusion of attention that our team of engineers has made, from the procurement of the raw material to the dispatch of the end product; every single phase operates under the strict inspection sticking all the necessary quality standards followed by the rigorous tests. The intensifying demand of this butterfly valve in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil, waste water industries is an unspoken truth for the quality it holds.

Note : Standard Specification and Price of the butterfly valve are available on the request.

Customized range of the ANSI Class 600 Butterfly Valves:

We are renowned in the industries for providing the customized range of the butterfly valve for the quality and reliability measures it shares other than the strict adherence to the specification or drawing provided by the end user. This we achieve by adhering to the dimensions abreast quality standards and leveraging technological know how we share in order to deliver an outstanding range of the customized ANSI class 600 butterfly valve that gives 100% satisfaction to the end user.

Market Reach of butterfly valve:

In addition to USA and Mexico, our highly appraised range of the ANSI Class 600 Butterfly Valves is available in South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East countries and happy to associate with other countries too.

Different options available in our ANSI Class 600 Butterfly Valves are:

Note : Our exclusive range of the Butterfly Valves CLASS 600 conforms to ISO, CE, ANSI, API and AWWA standards, and also can be available as per specific standard requirements.

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