We manufacturer of the EPDM seated butterfly valves are based in the USA, present the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) synthetic rubber seat lined range of the butterfly valves that protects the body of the valve from high temperature and corrosive media, which has get considerable popularity for protecting the valve, hence enhancing longer service life.

We believe the material selection in the seating is the imperative to meet the individual’s requirements in the industries and lead in the market. We have that proficiency in the material selection owing the area of application and thereby we have selected EPDM material to reap its physical properties including, stability in high and low temperatures (-29C to 177C), resistance to steam, water, UV exposure, ozone, aging, weathering and chemicals.

Leveraging properties of the EPDM and technical knowhow in the butterfly valves enable us to come out with the most versatile combination of the both named EPDM Seated Butterfly Valves that is a sterling alternative used in the chemical process industries for controlling the flow of the respective chemicals unfailingly. The provided butterfly valves are designed to meet the complete shutoff of any corrosive chemicals and have succeeded in proving their potency by meeting the objective in thousands of industries. The ingenious designing of the EPDM seat covers up the whole surface of the body and extends on the flange contact faces that apparently diminish the likelihood of any corrosive chemical contact with the body metal. The quality controlled manufacturing and precision engineering helps us achieve an impeccable range of the EPDM seat butterfly valves that leaves no stone unturned that leads them towards failing and hence is being the top choice of the different industries in USA and other countries too.

Note : Standard Specification and Price of the butterfly valve are available on the request.

Customized range of the EPDM Seated Butterfly Valves:

The customized product range has helped us to boost the sales of our EPDM seated butterfly valves and that is steadily increasing, all thanks to the entire team of the personnel and their constant efforts to introduce an end user specification and quality standards at once in the product and that is also at the most competitive rates in the market. Today, there are a significant number of customers who are getting a customized range of the EPDM seated butterfly valves from us for its outstanding quality and performance ability.

Market Reach of butterfly valve:

In addition to USA and Mexico, our highly appraised range of the Aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve is available in South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East countries and happy to associate with other countries too.

Different options available in our EPDM Seated Butterfly Valves are:

Note : Our complete range of the aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve conforms to ISO, CE, ANSI, API and AWWA standards, and also can be available as per specific standard requirements.

A right valve can make a difference between a reliable and unreliable system and that’s why we are here to provide FREE OF COST CONSUTLATION…!