We manufacturer of the motorized butterfly valves are based in the USA, provide matchless solutions associated with the flow control in the variegated industries and help industries to enhance their productivity. Likewise, the introduced valve is an excellent solution for enabling quick and accurate shutoff of the powdery, granular or liquid media.

The offered motorized butterfly valve is shortly renowned as a MOV butterfly valve in some industries, is a highly engineered butterfly valve whose closing and opening disc operation is accomplished by means of the actuator operated through the motor and hence the name given. This MOV butterfly valve is an inventive product range by us that is meticulously designed to achieve emergency shutoff required in some industries.

motorized butterfly valves in usa

The ability of absolutely closing the valve within a fraction of time is an exclusiveness of our valve that has made it the frontrunner in the USA and other countries too. The use of exemplary quality material imparts considerable resistance against corrosive media and hence delivers longer service life of the valve, seemingly reduces frequent replacement needs and maintenance cost. Further, the simple configuration and light weight of the valves empowers easy installation without any extra efforts. The extensive gamut of the motorized butterfly valve complies with all necessary standards due to the rigorous testing followed by the manufacturing of the valves. In the provided MOV butterfly valve, electric motor is the principle component that operates the valve stem, which respectively moves the butterfly disc to the 90 degrees for closing or opening of the valve. Our precision engineering and highest attention towards the material employed delivers a seamless experience in the throttling and regulating of the respective media that makes it a big name among Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation, Breweries, Offshore, Automotive, Mining, Food & Beverages, Drainage Treatment, Water Management, Slurry Fluids Management, HVAC and Marine industries.

Note : Standard Specification and Price of the butterfly valve are available on the request.

Customized range of the Motorized Butterfly Valves:

We are known in the market for more than 20 years and leading gradually towards the pinnacle of the success by means of our standardized and customized range of the electrically actuated butterfly valves. The detailed information by the end user and the industrial quality standards are two major areas on which we focus during the construction of the customized range that enables us to deliver a range that thoroughly fulfills end user requirements abreast meets quality standards too.

Market Reach of butterfly valve:

In addition to USA and Mexico, our highly appraised range of the Aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve is available in South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East countries and happy to associate with other countries too.

Different options available in our Motorized Butterfly Valves are:

Available motorized butterfly valve/ MOV butterfly valve range:

  • Rubber lined double flange butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • PTFE (FEP-PFA) lined butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • UPVC body butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • Rubber lined wafer type butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • Double offset disc butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • High performance butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • AWWA C504 standard larger dia butterfly valve with electric actuator
  • Triple offset butterfly valve with electric actuator

Note : Our complete range of the aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve conforms to ISO, CE, ANSI, API and AWWA standards, and also can be available as per specific standard requirements.

A right valve can make a difference between a reliable and unreliable system and that’s why we are here to provide FREE OF COST CONSUTLATION…!