Lined Butterfly Valves / PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves / Teflon lined butterfly valves

We manufacturer of the lined butterfly valves are based in the USA, instrumental in introducing cutting edge solutions to the miscellaneous industries, facing challenges in the flow controlling of the fluid, air or gas. Our so alleged range of the lined butterfly valves the sterling example, that is contrived to provide an optimum solution to the corrosion problems determined by the chemical process industries.

The introduced lined butterfly valves is also reckoned as the PTFE lined butterfly valves for the use of the PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) as a lining material sharing multiple advantages, including superlative heat resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and hence making it a able to respond to chemical applications of variegated industries. The PTFE material is also reckoned as the Teflon in certain industries which makes it also popular as Teflon lined butterfly valve. Today, the offered range of the PRFE has gained sky high success that we believe is a result of extensive field research to know the material and its advantages ahead of employing in the construction.

Further, the precision manufacturing and matchless quality is the cornerstone for the longer service life of the butterfly valve abreast of the 100% bubble tight shut off. The equipped PTFE coating on the butterfly valve proffers many advantages and suits all corrosive applications, incorporating chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, particularly for acids, alkalis, organic solvents, corrosive medium and strong oxidizing agents, where corrosion is common. Our PTFE lined butterfly valves are suitable to be used between -200 ˚C and +260 ˚C without deteriorating gives a wide exposure in the chemical industries for the same.

Note : Standard Specification and Price of the butterfly valve are available on the request.

Customized range of the PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves:

Customized PTFE lined butterfly valve is one of the driving forces behind the success of our organization in the butterfly valve manufacturing, which we contrive by letting customers share their requirements they are expecting in the end product. We execute the customization with the singular objective that is to fulfill customer’s requirements by following the specifications detailed by them and thus adhere to our promise that is to surpass customer satisfaction. For the 20 years we have been providing customized PTFE lined butterfly valve with the absolute transparency and for what we are thriving in USA and other countries.

Market Reach of butterfly valve:

In addition to USA and Mexico, our highly appraised range of the Aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve is available in South America, Asia, Africa, Middle East countries and happy to associate with other countries too.

Different options available in our PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves are:

Size Ranging from 1 NPS (Nominal Pipe Size) to over 200 NPS (Nominal Pipe Size).
Pressure Capabilities Ranging from 150 psi to 750 psi
End configuration Lug, Wafer, Grooved, Tri-clamp
Seat Material EPDM, Buna, Viton, Teflon
Disc Material Stainless Steel, Alum-Bronze, Teflon coated
Actuator Handle, Electric, Pneumatic
Body Material Standard Iron, Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Available technology Zero offset butterfly valve (centric butterfly valve)
Double offset butterfly valve (high performance butterfly valve)
Triple offset butterfly valve (high actuation and leak tightness)

Note : Our complete range of the aluminum bronze disc butterfly valve conforms to ISO, CE, ANSI, API and AWWA standards, and also can be available as per specific standard requirements.

A right valve can make a difference between a reliable and unreliable system and that’s why we are here to provide FREE OF COST CONSUTLATION…!