4Matic has persistently manufactured excellent in its undertaking by giving a premium quality of Triple-offset Butterfly Valve.  This Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve manufactured by our highly skilled and specialized professional by using fine quality standard materials, latest technology to create and build reliable valves. Triple offset Butterfly Valves are necessary in crude oil and natural gas production engines, machinery, plant engineering, piping, drainage system, petrochemical etc. and many more which are required in conveying gases fluids and other solids, aerating and de-aerating tasks.

This TOV (Triple-offset Butterfly Valve) play an important role and also highly suitable for both throttling and positive isolation application. These Valves are available in different range size which has a smooth surface and excellent quality. Highly appreciated by our clients due to its features like Zero leakage design, corrosion resistance, less weight, cost effective, Bi-directional. We offer this at a very cost effective rate to our clients.

Features of Triple-offset Butterfly Valve :-

  • Bi-directional flow control
  • Zero leakage design
  • Can be installed in any position
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Less weight
  • Cost effective
  • Robust design and minimum maintenance cost
Triple-Offset Butterfly Valve