To us quality means getting customers, the product they want and for what we are renowned in the Butterfly Valves Supplier in USA. We believe the product quality only does not drive the customers to return back, but they need a product of high standards that also meets their requirements and solve matters associated with flow control. We have an ability to quickly meet the constantly changing market demand by means of introducing a range that meets prevailing specifications and be competent to turn on a dime in order to match tomorrow’s as well.

Our dedication to the quality abreast requirements, is obvious in every step of our engineering processes. For each of our butterfly valves, we consider the ISO, CE, API, AWWA industry standards, environmental concerns and local parameters during the fabrication of the product that delivers unsurpassed quality flow control experience to the industries and hence the high level of satisfactions.

A very first a visual examination is performed by the Butterfly valve manufacturer of all casting of bodies to check its accordance with written procedures that comply with the applicable standards. Further, we have our own in house testing facilities in the USA, where every examination and test is carried out by tech savvy professionals in line with project details and data sheets in order to meet our customers and their commitment expectations.

 Our state of the art facilities incorporates:

  • Ultra modern Hydro testing machines
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Helium mass spectrometer (Fugitive emission leak testing)
  • Fire safe Test equipment to meet requirements of API 607 & API 6FA.
  • Surface roughness comparators
  • Surface cleanliness comparators
  • Wet film thickness gauge
  • Dry film thickness gauge
  • Adhesion testing equipment

Different types of tests we carry out:

Pressure functional testing Non destructive testing Material destructive testing
Hydrostatic testing
Low pressure gas seat testing
High pressure gas testing
High temperature testing (660°C/1220°F)
Fugitive emission gas testing
Antistatic testing
Torque testing
Cavity relief testing
Visual testing
Ultrasonic testing
Penetrate testing
Magnetic particle testing
Positive Material Identification
Hardness test
Mechanical and Impact test under –196°C
Chemical analysis check
Corrosion tests
Micro examinations
HIC test
SSCC test

API Certificate

ISO Certificate

CE Certificate

Design Patent

AWWA Certificate